Vertical Variables V3.0
Vertical Variables V3.0
VERTICAL VARIABLES V3.0 will focus on the applications of parametric modeling techniques in towers and skyscrapers in collaboration with Designkultur. The participants will be guided towards developing skills on computational design and parametric strategies which will lead to form finding and optimization through various parameters. The workshop aims to provide participants with the new paradigm of architecture and urban design processes. This approach enables designers and architects to overcome the imposition of a prefixed form and thus discover and create more compelling and enhanced designs. Through algorithms, participants will discover the benefits of variable connected systems to create mass customization processes in order to create architecture. The goal of the workshop is for the participants to have a final result – a skyscraper design in Beirut.
The workshop will begin with introduction to Rhino 3D and Grasshopper which are going to be the main tools to carry out studies of the final design. Participants will be guided through the creation of parametric definitions in Grasshopper and the applications of various plug-ins for it. For the purpose of the workshop, the students will be provided with an actual site in Beirut. Participants will be divided into teams to develop their own projects with the support of the tutors and assistants. In order to create final presentation boards, rendering and presentation tips will be covered during the workshop as well.
  • Parametric Modeling with Rhino and Grasshopper
  • Various Grasshopper Plugins
  • Rendering and Presentation skills
Each Participant should provide their own computer with the following software installed. If you do not have a software, trial versions can be found on each software company’s website. We will send participants links to the required software, trials, and plug-ins for download. Please have the software installed prior to workshop start. If you have issues installing software, we may be able to help you during the workshop.
  • Latest Version of Rhino (currently 6.x) (Grasshopper included)
  • Latest Version of Grasshopper plugins (Lunchbox, Pufferfish, Weaverbird, MeshEdit, Mesh+, Mesh tools, Anemone)
  • Latest Version of Keyshot (currently 8.x)
  • Adobe Creative Suite
VERTICAL VARIABLES V3.0 will expand from 23 to 27 January, 2018.
Daily meetings will take place from 10:00 to 18:00 at at a TBD location in Beirut.
Participants will first work individually and then be combined into groups.
There will be a final presentation of your groups work containing renderings and diagrams on 27 January, 2018.
All projects will be published on DesignMorphine’s web page.
All participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.
For attending the workshop there is no previous software experience required.
Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations.
Please note that places are very limited on a first pay first serve basis!



Vertical Variables V3.0
Arek Keshishian
Member @ DesignMorphine
Founder & CEO @ Skillshop
Arek is an architect, digital craft and advanced geometry enthusiast, BIM specialist, consultant, teacher. Having taught more than 600 people so far, his organization, Skillshop is considered to be the most advanced architectural design training center in Armenia. He enjoys constant exploration of new mindsets in design, which lead him to learn a diverse set of software that he has the passion for sharing them with others. He is the author of various computationally designed projects, including two wave-walls and a tensile ceiling. Teaching highlights include Informative Archetypes V1.0 and V2.0, Dynamic Mutations V4.0 with Design Morphine. Implicit Aesthetics workshop with TUMO. Revit Pro Course @ Skillshop.



Vertical Variables V3.0
Elias Kateb
Elias is an architect and instructor, focusing on the intersection between cities, architecture and digital technologies. In his academic and professional career, he experiments interactive design process to include urban design, adaptive master plans, kinetic buildings, flexible interiors, to dynamic set design scenography. In collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC – Barcelona), he took part of the Project for Self-Sufficient City, stimulating a research process aiming to redefine the sustainable/technological phenomenon of in habitation.



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