Transcendent Realities V2.0


Transcendent Realities V2.0
Transcendent Realities V2.0 is an International Workshop intended for Architects, students of Architecture and urbanism, professional designers and artists exploring the contemporary trends of post digital approaches in Architectural design in collaboration with Skillshop.  Its aimed at establishing a platform of learning new techniques of design, production and presentation. As the advancement of architecture and design is steering towards an avenue of post digital (humanization of digital technologies through interplay between digital, biological, cultural and spiritual systems), the rise of non-computational, mesh based strategies has laid an unexhausted arena of possibilities of forms and aesthetics. We intend to analyze the different cultural and traditional components of Cascade, Yerevan, where the history becomes the key and its constituent elements formulate themselves as the design drivers. The participants extract and remix the existing elements and reinterpret them into an alternative architectural proposition through the post computational processes that resonate in response to the contextual environment. The translation of this exercise will result in VR 360 environments for an alternate reality viewing experience.
Transcendent Realities V2.0 will address “Speculative Detailing”, an emphasis of the Architectural detailing as a derivative from the volumetric design strategies, adaptive to the site-specific substrate. The workflow is formulated primarily focuses on along with a range of techniques in a streamline process across two major software platforms Zbrush and After Effects. The participants will develop advanced design skills and workflow that is not limited to designing of the form, but rather extends into the drawings and spatial details. The workshop works with the domain of producing a Portfolio ready project by the completion of course.
  • Understanding of the contextual setting and adaptive architectural systems
  • Comprehensive modeling in Zbrush
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects
  • Introduction to mesh manipulation, texturing, optimization in Zbrush
  • Extracting volumetric drawing and detailing from the mesh models
  • Developing plan, section and architectural visualization
  • Embedding subtle animations in volumetric sections
  • 2D/3D tracking in videos
  •  360 animation creation and viewing
Each Participant should provide their own computer with the following software installed. If you do not have a software, trial versions can be found on each software company’s website. We will send participants links to the required software, trials, and plug-ins for download. Please have the software installed prior to workshop start. If you have issues installing software, we may be able to help you during the workshop.
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Mocha Plugin for After Effects (Rotoscoping)
  • Mettle Skybox Suite for After Effects
  • Luxion Keyshot
  • Zbrush – Keyshot Bridge
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
Transcendent Realities V2.0 will expand from 03 – 08 February, 2018.
Daily meetings will take place from 10:00 to 18:00 at Skillshop – 73 Nairi Zaryan St, Yerevan, Armenia.
Participants will first work individually and then be combined into groups.
There will be a final presentation of your work containing renderings and diagrams on 08 February, 2018.
All projects will be published on DesignMorphine’s web page.
All participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.
For attending the workshop there is no previous software experience required.
Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations.
Please note that places are very limited on a first pay first serve basis!



Transcendent Realities V2.0
Arek Keshishian
Member @ DesignMorphine
Founder & CEO @ Skillshop
Workshop Leader @ TUMO

Arek Keshishian is a practicing architect, advanced architectural design enthusiast, BIM specialist, consultant, teacher. Arek has been organizing and conducting various workshops and courses of different formats throughout his career. Having taught more than 300 people so far, his organization Skillshop is regarded to be the most advanced architectural design training center in Armenia. He enjoys constant exploration of new methods of design and automation of tedious workflows, which lead him to self-teach various software and participate in many international workshops. The longer he did this, the more he realized it’s not about the software, but the ideas expressed and the theories that a project embraces are what matters. Teaching highlights include leading the Informative Archetypes V1.0  workshop in July 2017 by Design Morphine, leading the Implicit Aesthetics workshop by TUMO in January 2017.
Transcendent Realities V2.0
Vamsi Krishna Vemuri
India & Germany
Member @ DesignMorphine
MAA SAC, Frankfurt, Germany
Vamsi Krishna Vemuri is a Speculative architect and designer who recently graduated from the Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany. His areas of Interest lie in eccentric utilization of Computation & real-time visualization, in a post digital paradigm, convoluting Arts, science and Architectural design discourse. His first-year project dealt with high resolution pixel models and big data manifestation in Architecture. He is impelled by digital medium specificity, gaming, concept art and VFX. He was involved in extensive research and production of advanced multi-colored 3D print fabrication of Architecture and product design. He holds a diverse experience on communicating the notion of form and space by engaging the mediums of film-making and video game development. The recent thesis project for his masters deals with a platform based video game, devised in a near-future fictional augmented city, where the apparatus produces aggregations that are digitally intertwined within the urban fabric. He has also participated and won many Architecture & Design competitions with various teams, in both professional and academic domains. He is currently practicing as a freelance consulting Architect and designer engaging in diverse collaborations and projects with professionals across the world.


Skillshop - 73 Nairi Zaryan St, Yerevan, Armenia