Time Machine V1.0

We are used to think about time as a linear quasi-mathematical dimension with almost no intersection point with space. Time Machine V1.0 is the first workshop where participants will be asked to inject the 4th dimension into their projects, challenging the preconception of architecture as a static object by using animation as a design tool. Time Machine V1.0 is an intense six-day design workshop utilizing a unique set of software to produce complex designs and architecture projects deploying a parametric workflow. Participants will be provided with a set of tools and examples in order to build an aesthetic vocabulary that merges space and time into a new unicum that generates unprecedented design results. In-Depth learning of Autodesk Maya, Grasshopper and Keyshot will expose the participants to an all-inclusive workflow that will cover software basics, complex geometry, hybrid mesh-nurbs modeling, animation design techniques, rendering, and final presentation.


The Time Machine V1.0 workshop will explore a range of modeling techniques in a streamlined process across two major platforms: Autodesk Maya and Grasshopper. The workshop introduces students to polygon modeling, parametric design, and animation. The workshop will be broken into a series of tutorials that will cover an introduction to Maya’s physics engine, animation, kinetic design, and the revolutionary MASH plugin. The Participants will familiarize with the interface of the software learning essential parametric tools and techniques (morphing, massing, mapping, form finding, polygon deformation etc.), starting from basic knowledge such as components and lists, to complex scripts, mastering dynamic forces to generate highly sophisticated parametric models. The students attending the workshop will be organized in teams and produce an architectural project that will be officially presented on the last day of the workshop and then exhibited on a public lecture.

  • Introduction to Autodesk Maya, Grasshopper and user interface
  • Advanced modeling skills across all listed software
  • Mesh Subdivision polygon modeling
  • Mesh sculpting, deformation, and manipulation
  • Time-based duplication and array systems
  • Maya Embedded Language (MEL)
  • Advanced animation techniques and rigging
  • Responsive parametric skins and designs
  • nDynamics: nCloth, nParticles
  • Parametric Design with MASH
  • Grasshopper 3D with plugins (Pufferfish, Anemone, Weaverbird, LunchBox, Nudibranch, and others)
  • Visualization and rendering techniques with Keyshot
Each Participant should provide their own computer with the following software installed. If you do not have a software, trial versions can be found on each software company’s website. We will send participants links to the required software, trials, and plug-ins for download. Please have the software installed prior to workshop start. If you have issues installing software, we may be able to help you during the workshop.
  • Autodesk Maya
  • McNeel Rhinoceros 3D
  • Grasshopper 3D (plugins: Pufferfish, Anemone, Weaverbird, LunchBox, Nudibranch, and others)
  • Luxion Keyshot
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
TIME MACHINE V1.0 will expand from 24 – 29 June, 2019.
Daily meetings will take place from 9:00 to 18:00 at Via Sario Bassanelli, 9/11, 40129 Bologna BO, Italy.
Participants will first work individually and then be combined into groups.
There will be a final presentation of your groups work containing renderings, videos, and diagrams on 29 June, 2019.
All projects will be published on DesignMorphine’s web page and will be presented during a public lecture at the end of the workshop. 
All participants who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.
For attending the workshop and intensive courses there is no previous software experience required.
Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations.
Please note that places are very limited on a first pay first serve basis!



Time Machine V1.0
Nicolas Turchi
Member @ DesignMorphine
Designer @ Zaha Hadid Architects
M.Arch @ Harvard GSD
PhD Candidate @ DigitalFUTURES
Nicolas Turchi is a designer currently working at Zaha Hadid Architects and a Digital Futures PhD scholar at Tongji University. Nicolas holds a Master in Architecture II from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Bologna and University of West of England. He has worked for several firms including Eisenman Architects, Xefirotarch, Mario Cucinella Architects and 5+1AA. Nicolas is particularly interested in emergent technologies and how they affect the theoretical aspect of the discipline. He has also been studying the relationship between architecture and philosophy and graduated with a thesis on Time and Space in architecture, influenced by the thought of Henri Bergson and Edmund Husserl.
Time Machine V1.0
Stefano Bastia 
Architect @ Mario Cucinella Architects
University Alma Mater @ Studiorum of Bologna
Stefano Bastia is a designer at Mario Cucinella architects in Bologna from 2016 after a Bachelor of Architecture from the University Alma Mater Studiorium of Bologna. He has worked on multiple projects and international competitions, focusing on parametric design, computational design, and big data management and optimization. Stefano is particularly interested in the implications of these phenomena in everyday life and their social and political implications.



Via Sario Bassanelli, 9/11, 40129 Bologna BO, Italy

See location on Map here: https://goo.gl/maps/kGW5vgC3FWG2