Intensive Course 1



Autodesk Maya vast capabilities are a thing to reckon in film and game industries these days. Both entertainment forms require tools to create imaginary spaces that can be parametrically designed to change at any given time and adapt to new ideas. Nowadays, more and more architectural studios acknowledge its potential in forming building structures, providing new design logics and surpassing the norms and the boundaries of linear design tools. Also, its design logic and generative processes, as well as the potential of parametric thinking as a resourceful tool, achieve diversity and complexity in form generation and fabrication.

Daily meetings from 10:00 to 18:00h at Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Sofia, Krakra 11 Str.

For attending the workshop there is no previous software experience required.

Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations.

Drinks and lunch snacks are included.



Intensive Course 1

Pavlina Vardoulaki
Bulgaria & Greece

Co Founder & Creative Director @ DesignMorphine
Architectural Assistant Part II @ Foster + Partners
Maya Software Tutor @AA School of Architecture
MArch II AA Design Research Lab
MArch I Civic Buildings UACEG

Pavlina Vardoulaki is an architect and designer. She is the Co Founder & Creative Director of DesignMorphine. Pavlina is a Maya Software Tutor at the Architectural Association’s world renowned Design Research Laboratory in London and also currently employed as an Architectural Assistant Part II at Foster + Partners. She has also worked on various architectural and interactive design projects at Minimaforms. Pavlina completed her MArch II with a Personal Distinction from the AADRL, London. The diploma project “HyperCell” developed by Pavlina and her team, as part of the Theodore Spyropoulos Studio, was exhibited and presented at the Future Fest organized by NESTA, the AA School of Architecture, the XIV World Trienal of Architecture by UNESCO and ACADIA 2015. In 2012 she completed her MArch I in Civic and Cultural Buildings and graduated as a Valedictorian from the UACEG, Sofia. Pavlina also participated in a series of world conferences and collaborations, such as: the collaboration of the AADRL with Ferrari design 2014, the Zaha Hadid Studio Vienna “en[Coded] Fields” workshop, the AA School of Architecture collaboration with Louis Vuitton and others.



Intensive Course 1

Martina Rosati
MArch AA Design Research Lab

Martina Rosati graduated with Distinction in Architecture at the University of Florence in 2013 with the project ‘AirMotion’, proposal for the new Tianjin International Airport in China. After graduation she started collaborating with the University of Florence as Professor Assistant for the course of Interior Design Lab. Martina participated in a series of workshops such as the AA Visiting School in Rome – ‘Form as (Dynamic) Unknown’- in 2013, Ecologic Patterns’ and ‘Plug-It’ – held by Arturo Tedeschi – in Milan in 2012. In 2014 she worked in Dubai on numerous large scale projects at Dewan Architects and Engineers: Al Rashid Residential Tower, Al Wasl Road Cultural Center, Motor City Mall development and Al Mizhar Nursery in Dubai, Rawdhat Residential and Commercial Building in Abu Dhabi and Modon Villas and Masterplan in Saudi Arabia. Martina is currently studying at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London where she is attending the Master Design Research Lab (DRL) in Architecture and Urbanism, developing a project that involves aerial robotics in the design and fabrication process.

Intensive Course 1

Jitesh Jadhav
MArch AA Design Research Lab

Jitesh graduated from JJ College of Architecture, India. He has worked on major high rise projects, iconic buildings and high end residential and commercial projects in India such as Crescent Bay High-rise Residential, Parel, India; Navroze High-end Residential, Pali Hill, India; Crescent Redevelopment Residential Project, Bandra, India; Brachs Residential Project, Andheri, India. Currently he is pursuing a master’s degree in architectural and urbanism (Design Research Lab) in the AA School of Architecture, London. He is greatly interested in enabling the computer to actively participate in the development of creative design via the use of computational processes.

Intensive Course 1

Konstantin Doganov
MArch Architectural Structures UACEG

Konstantin graduated with a master’s degree in Architecture from UACEG – Sofia Bulgaria, in February 2012.His diploma project “Flower of the Desert” (designing a futuristic city in a building) was awarded with Honorary Diploma of Chamber of the Architects in Bulgaria and the Municipality of Sofia and was published in various architecture and design magazines. Konstantin served as a tutor for the 1st Generative Morphologies Workshop and has participated in a series of architectural and design competitions and exhibitions such as eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2013, The New Sofia exhibition 2012 and others. Since his graduation, Konstantin is working mainly in the field of architectural visualizations and interior design and he is involved in teaching.

Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Sofia, Krakra 11 Str.