Generative Morphologies V1.0
Generative Morphologies is a parametric design workshop intended for architects, students of Architecture and Arts, professional designers and artists who would like to learn and improve their skills with new design, production and presentation techniques. The Participants will be introduced to the basic fundamental concepts and skills necessary for using Rhino, Grasshopper and Maya. They will also be familiarized with 3D Printing techniques using a 3D Printer which will be available at the workshop.
Generative Morphologies workshop will use multi-layered techniques and production processes that allow control over intelligent geometries. It  will be developed geometric variations at different levels of complexity, so that questions towards geometrical effectiveness, accuracy and performance can begin to be understood in a contemporary setting. Through the theoretical process the work will turn into design and production for each of the participants.
The workshop will run using Rhino3D, Grasshopper and  Maya. The goal is ‘ready for portfolio design’ – every participant will develop their skills during series of lectures and tutorials. The workshop offers new means of design where participants will actively use and explore computational tools both in stages of concept and practice. Each participant will be engaged into a dialogue with contemporary discussions of design. It is an opportunity for professionals to join and learn different style of production.
Workshop is beginner level. No previous software experience is required.
  • Full introduction in Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, Autodesk Maya
  • Strategies for 3D print and laser cutting
  • Discussions on project presentation – best results in no time
First phase will consist of software interface introduction, basics in parametric design, 3D print and laser cutting strategies, different types of project presentation.
Second phase will consist of practical task which is optional for every participant. Workshop will focus on the implementation of different types of software during the workflow. Participants will produce 3d renderings and 2d drawings depending on the needs of each research. Our tutors will show you everything you need to know to get started designing your own 3D printable items and walk you through some of the ways this technology is being put to use in the real world using the 3D printer which will be available on the workshop.
An exhibition of all projects will be done at the end of the workshop.




Generative Morphologies V1.0

Pavlina Vardoulaki
Architectural Assistant Part II @ Foster + Partners
Maya Software Tutor @AA School of Architecture
MArch II AA Design Research Lab
MArch I Civic Buildings UACEG

Pavlina Vardoulaki is an architect and designer. She is the Co Founder & Creative Director of DesignMorphine. Pavlina is a Maya Software Tutor at the Architectural Association’s world renowned Design Research Laboratory in London and also currently employed as an Architectural Assistant Part II at Foster + Partners. She has also worked on various architectural and interactive design projects at Minimaforms. Pavlina completed her MArch II with a Personal Distinction from the AADRL, London. The diploma project “HyperCell” developed by Pavlina and her team, as part of the Theodore Spyropoulos Studio, was exhibited and presented at the Future Fest organized by NESTA, the AA School of Architecture, the XIV World Trienal of Architecture by UNESCO and ACADIA 2015. In 2012 she completed her MArch I in Civic and Cultural Buildings and graduated as a Valedictorian from the UACEG, Sofia. Pavlina also participated in a series of world conferences and collaborations, such as: the collaboration of the AADRL with Ferrari design 2014, the Zaha Hadid Studio Vienna “en[Coded] Fields” workshop, the AA School of Architecture collaboration with Louis Vuitton and others.

Generative Morphologies V1.0

Houzhe Xu
Project Designer @Zaha Hadid Architects
MArch AA Design Research Lab

Houzhe Xu is currently completing a master’s program “M.Arch. II – Architecture & Urbanism – DRL” AA School of Architecture, London, England. In 2012 he graduated with honors majoring in architecture at Tongjy University, Shanghai, China. Twice in 2009 and 2011 was awarded the National Scholarship of China, During his studies he received an award for excellent student in 2009, 2010, 2011 and also as a first prize – a scholarship. In 2013 Houzhe participated and awarded in China Environmental Design Prize. In 2010 he won the first prize “Nanbo” Scholarship and the third prize in “Beichuan Jiancai” Scholarship. In 2009 participated and awarded in the “DOW” cardboard architectural design and construction competition. Fluent in Maya, Softimage, 3DsMax, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. He also has extensive experience in programming.

Generative Morphologies V1.0

Ahmed Shokir
Project Designer @Morphosis | Los Angeles
MArch II AA Design Research Lab
MArch I Wodbury University

Ahmed is completing an “M.Arch. II – Architecture & Urbanism – DRL” AA School of Architecture, London, England. In May 2013 Ahmed graduated from Woodbury University, California, USA with a Masters of Architecture. He has won many awards and honors during his studies at Woodbury University. MArch Academic Achievment Award, Julius Shulman Rising Star Scholarship, Julius Shulman Emerging Talent Award, Ports O’call Design Charette Honorable Mention and Supporting success in architecture award. Ahmed has experience from Woodbury University in fabrication and fluent in Rhino, Grasshopper, 3DsMax, Vasari, V-ray and more.

Generative Morphologies V1.0

Cosku Cinkilic
Project Designer @Zaha Hadid Architects
MArch AA Design Research Lab

In 2013 Cosku graduated as valedictorian with an architecture degree, Bachelor in Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is now taking part of the
Masters program “M.Arch. II – Architecture & Urbanism – DRL” AA School of Architecture, London, England.
He has won first prize in the “5th Concrete Design competition”, the media award in “Natural Stone Design competition”, a special award in “Papernomad-Parametric Sleeve design”, first prize in the “Proshop Photography competition”.
Fluent in 3DsMax, V-ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, Processing.

transformatori | UACG, Sofia, Bul. Hristo Smirnenski 20