Dream Flake V2.0
Come start your holiday season off by generating your very own ornaments! DREAM FLAKE V2.0 is a FREE webinar for designing 3d printable parametric holiday ornaments. The ornaments will be designed in Grasshopper for Rhinoceros, mainly using the Pufferfish plugin. A variety of ornaments will be created concentrating on the possibilities of shape changing. The main goal of the webinar will be the design of an ornament that is complex in geometry but 3d printable as well. Participants will learn to create a Grasshopper definition step by step and utilize the parameters they build. The webinar will be approx. 4 hours long with live Q&A’s.  The webinar will take place in a Private Facebook group via Facebook Live and video uploads. Participants will be able to ask questions by commenting on the videos, this gives the webinars a more interactive community environment. Each webinar part will be pre-recorded and uploaded at the time of the webinar to ensure optimal quality and to avoid issues of connectivity that can occur with live streaming. At the live stream time, the tutor will be live streaming to summarize the videos and answer questions. All videos will remain available, including the live streams, for your viewing as much as you like, even after the live stream. This means you can also enjoy the videos if you are not available at the live stream time. You may view them at your convenience and availability. All webinars will be conducted in English and there is no previous experience of the topics required. You must have a valid non-business Facebook account to attend and watch the videos. 


Date: December 15th, 2019
Time: UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) 2:00 PM
Duration: Approx. 4 Hours
Location: Facebook Private Group (videos will remain available in the group to view as often as you like)
Tutor: Nate Peters (see bio on bottom of page)
Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Pufferfish, Additional Plug-ins
Requirements: A valid non-business Facebook account
Attendance Types: Attendance is free but you must register on the apply page



Dream Flake V2.0

Nate Peters

Software Engineer @ Autodesk AEC Generative Design Group

Nate Peters is a computational designer and software developer with experience in design optimization, digital fabrication, and machine learning. Nate received his Master of Design Studies in Technology from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and his Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University. Currently he works in Boston as a software engineer in Autodesk’s AEC Generative Design Group. At Autodesk he has assisted in the design and construction of multiple large scale research pavilions, and is currently focused on Project Refinery, a new generative design tool for architects and engineers in the building industry.




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