Vamsi Krishna Vemuri

Vamsi Krishna Vemuri
India & Germany

Associate @ DesignMorphine
Founder @ Flux.Real Design Collective
MAA SAC, Frankfurt, Germany 
Vamsi Krishna Vemuri is a Speculative architect and designer who recently graduated from the Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany. His areas of Interest lie in eccentric utilization of Computation & real-time visualization, in a post digital paradigm, convoluting Arts, science and Architectural design discourse. His first-year project dealt with high resolution pixel models and big data manifestation in Architecture. He is impelled by digital medium specificity, gaming, concept art and VFX. He was involved in extensive research and production of advanced multi-colored 3D print fabrication of Architecture and product design. He holds a diverse experience on communicating the notion of form and space by engaging the mediums of film-making and video game development. The recent thesis project for his masters deals with a platform based video game, devised in a near-future fictional augmented city, where the apparatus produces aggregations that are digitally intertwined within the urban fabric. He has also participated and won many Architecture & Design competitions with various teams, in both professional and academic domains. He is currently practicing as a freelance consulting Architect and designer engaging in diverse collaborations and projects with professionals across the world.