Arek Keshishian

Member @ DesignMorphine
Founder & CEO @ Skillshop
Workshop Leader @ TUMO
Arek Keshishian is a practicing architect, advanced architectural design enthusiast, BIM specialist, consultant, teacher. Arek has been organizing and conducting various workshops and courses of different formats throughout his career. Having taught more than 300 people so far, his organization Skillshop is regarded to be the most advanced architectural design training center in Armenia. He enjoys constant exploration of new methods of design and automation of tedious workflows, which lead him to self-teach various software and participate in many international workshops. The longer he did this, the more he realized it’s not about the software, but the ideas expressed and the theories that a project embraces are what matters. Teaching highlights include leading the Informative Archetypes V1.0  workshop in July 2017 by Design Morphine, leading the Implicit Aesthetics workshop by TUMO in January 2017.