Alexander Ahmad
Alexander Ahmad
Member @ DesignMorphine
Founder @ 2b3d Visuals
Student @ Die Angewandte
Alex is currently a student at Die Angewandte finishing up his degree. In the past he has worked for Samsung as a 3D Generalist. Currently Alex runs his founded visualization company, 2b3d Visuals, which is quickly gaining clientele. His interests consist of parametric furniture design, structural optimization techniques, and visualization.  Having such a wide range of interests, he has attended many workshops across varied topics. The workshops consist of Past Forward, Drift Dreams, and Iterative Interpretations held by 3D-Dreaming and Rese arch. He has also attended Visual Machine V1.0 and Dynamic Mutations V3.0 workshops held by DesignMorphine. Additionally, he was a tutor for the 3D-Dreaming and Rese arch workshop, Spring Species. The accumulation of these workshops has provided Alex with a huge database of knowledge for varied design software.