Georgi Kazlachev

Georgi Kazlachev

Architect & Complex Geometry Specialist @ Studio Tomás Saraceno
M.Sc. ITECH @ University of Stuttgart
B.Sc. Architecture @ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Georgi graduated at the University of Stuttgart as part of the M. Sc. Programme “Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research”. He is engaged with the implementation of material performance, digital fabrication and simulation and complex design strategies into an architectural context and particularly with the fabrication as a design-driver. In his thesis he explored the architectural potentials of elastically bent segmented shells constructed out of timber and further on was involved in the research of lightweight wooden structures in the context of urban extension and re-densification. Currently he is part of Studio Tomás Saraceno, based in Berlin and is working on various architectural projects and he is responsible for the development of complex geometry artwork and digital fabrication strategies. He was part of magma architecture and was awarded “Research Student Award” at the Karlsruhe University of Technology during his initial architecture studies.