Necdet Yağız Özkan

Necdet Yağız Özkan

Member @ DesignMorphine
MArch AA Design Research Lab

Necdet describes himself as “a young designer who is in pursuit of knowledge and self development through architecture and technology. I see architects as translators between disciplines and conductors of emerging operations and ideas.
Our evolving and fragmenting hyper-communicative environments creates a need for design more than it has ever been.
Let’s build together new frameworks and interventions into these changing environments.
Let’s form collaborations …”
After finishing his BArch in Istanbul Bilgi University Necdet completed his Postgraduate MArch in Architecture and Urbanism (Design Research Lab) at the AA School of Architecture (2016). Under Spyropoulos Lab, he and his team designed a framework for modular robotics that enables architectural formations.
Necdet has worked for various architectural and design offices (Minimaforms, Atölye Labs, Metex Design, Tago Architects)