Li Chen

Li Chen

Member @ DesignMorphine
Principal Computational Designer @ Studio Bitonti
MArch AA Design Research Lab
Li is an Architect and programmer whom is specialised in generative design, visual computing and robotic fabrication. He received his master of architecture degree from Architectural Association, Design Research Lab. His thesis project “Growing Systems” from Shajay Bhooshan Studio is a research on additive manufacturing in architecture scale with integration of responsive industrial robots, regrading construction process and material as programmable matters to create new topology of inhabitable space.
Li has worked as computational architect in several prestigious companies such as Zaha hadid Architects and gmp Architekten. He also works for Fransis Bitonti Studio in New York as creative coder to develop next generation of web-based algorithmic design programs. Li is proficient in multiple programming languages including C++, JavaScript and Python, as well as various parametric design platforms like Grasshopper, RhinoCommon API, and Maya MEL. He is widely interested in cross-disciplinary topics such as complex geometry, emergent systems, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.