Radul Shishkov

Radul Shiskov

Associate @ DesignMorphine
Associate @ Architecture Construction Association
PhD Student @ UACEG
MArch Interior Design UACEG

Radul is currently working on his PhD thesis concerning applications of the parametric design in interior spaces. He has completed with Honors his master’s degree in Architecture in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, in 2013, Department of Interior Architecture and Design. He has been actively practicing as an architect, designing and realizing various projects such as restaurants, TV studios, office and residential buildings. Since 2014 until present, Radul participated in Design Morphine’s workshop Generative Morphologies V1.0, assisted the workshops Generative Morphologies V2.0 and Intelligent Tectonics V1.0, and tutored the workshops Computations Matters V1.0, Vertical Variables V1.0, and Algorithmic Accessories V1.0. His project “Evolution of The Square” was published and exhibited as part of The City Exhibition 2014 which took place on Blv. Vitosha, Sofia.