Michael Pryor
Michael Pryor
Design Director @ DesignMorphine
Computational Designer 2 @ Nike NXT | Innovation
Author @ Pufferfish for Grasshopper3d
Michael Pryor is a computational designer currently at Nike NXT | Innovation. He has been involved in various major built or in construction works in the US, China, Dubai, and Lebanon and is currently the Design Director for DesignMorphine. In the past, he has worked at Trahan Architects, SOMA Architects, OLI Architecture, and [AY] Architecture on a range of architectural design projects ranging from museums, housing, restaurants, furniture, products, and prototypes. He was granted The New York Society of Architects Matthew W. Del Gaudio award for excellence in total design upon graduation. Additionally, Michael is the author of the popular Grasshopper3d plug-in Pufferfish and an avid Grasshopper forum aide. He has been the tutor to multiple design and parametric design workshops organized by Rese.Arch, 3D-Dreaming, the AA visiting school Paris with [Ay] Studio, MIT, Open Styles Lab, Harvard GSD, rat[LAB], and DesignMorphine.