Mateusz Zwierzycki

Mateusz Zwierzycki

Member @ DesignMorphine
Founder @ Object
Research assistant @ Fachgebiet Digitale Entwurfsmethoden

Graduated from the Department of Architecture and Design of the Poznań University of Arts in 2012. Focused on parametric and generative design, which he considers to be a natural way of design thinking. Computational design popularizer, tutor for many international workshops, co-author of the first Polish parametric design oriented website ( He developed a variety of Grasshopper plugins: Anemone, Starling, Squid, Owl, and other scripts and freeware software for the Grasshopper community. He was previously a research assistant at CITA Copenhagen. Currently he is a Research assistant at Fachgebiet Digitale Entwurfsmethoden and runs his computational consultancy company called Object ( In his spare time, he is a geometry enthusiast ( and teaches many workshops around the world.